Staffing Agency Automation

Company: Mid-size staffing agency with 3 companies and 10 branch offices and 10,000 payroll checks per week.

Challenge: Eliminating couriers that transfer signed times sheets, employment agreements and much more from 10 branches to corporate and signed payroll checks from corporate to each branch office.

Solution: Implement a virtual private (wide area) network with the Internet as the backbone.  Install check printers and a scanning solution at each branch and a retrieval mechanism at corporate headquarters.

Results: The automation costs were recuperated in the first year through the saving of eliminating the outside couriers.  Documents arrive at headquarters almost instantly (rather than the next business day) and are properly cataloged for each branch while being electronically filed in on-line archives.  Payroll checks arrive at the branches sooner and check revisions and reprints are immediate rather than delayed one day.