Trucking Logistics Document Solution

Challenge: Cataloging all manner of trucking documents that include things like work orders with weights, scale tickets, proof of deliver tickets and much more.

Solution: Most of these documents are initially printed with a bar code that includes the type of document and the transaction number it is for.  Each document is scanned to a network folder.  From there a process running in the background identifies the document, renames it according to the bar code, and catalogs and cross-references it the database so all users in our business application can see the documents related to a specific transaction.

No need to use OCR technology and program different positions on the document where the OCR reading can find transaction #.  A bar code anywhere at any angle will be interpreted and processed correctly, all in the background.  And there is a process for handling the rare document that doesn’t have a barcode or the barcode is unreadable.

Results: All pertinent documents are cataloged electronically and available for easy access.  No more time spent sifting through stacks of paperwork to find the required supporting documents to collect a bill or comply with a customer’s or vendor’s request.  Everything is right there, easily accessible and can quickly be e-mailed or faxed right from the user’s workstation.