Consulting/Application Development

Companies develop extensive workflow to create, manage and distribute their goods and services.  Sometimes, these processes can become difficult or expensive to manage.  Or they can cause large amounts of manual work that becomes a costs the business money and slows down .

ATI has years of experience in automating processes.  We are expert at mapping out a process and then creating a custom solution.

Database Management

Your databases are at the heart of your business.  They can contain vital customer, product or company information.  Access to data is essential.

ATI helps companies keep their databases healthy and safe.  Then, we make sure you have access to the key information that you need.

Systems Integration

Companies look for the perfect software or tools to deliver products and services.  But often, great software is limited when it doesn’t talk directly to other critical systems.  This causes inefficiency and can cause companies to leak money in ways that are hard to see.

ATI has extensive experience in developing system integrations.  In short, we make your systems talk and work together.

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